An image of a woman experiencing myokymia or eye twitching.

Myokymia or Eye Twitching: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Eye twitching, medically known as myokymia, is a common phenomenon characterized by involuntary spasms or twitches in the eyelid muscles. These muscles, responsible for blinking and closing the eyelids, can sometimes contract irregularly due to various triggers or underlying factors. These twitches can range from subtle fluttering to more pronounced spasms, often occurring in the […]

an image of a person with dry eye

5 Famous Celebrities Who Battle Dry Eye | What You Need to Know About This Disease

Dry eye disease (DED), also known as dysfunctional tear syndrome, is a common eye condition affecting numerous people across the globe. With approximately 20 million individuals affected in the United States alone (and 344 million worldwide) according to recent data from the American Academy of Ophthalmology, this condition often goes unrecognized, misdiagnosed, or undertreated.  While […]

Understanding Contact Lens Prescription: Glossary, Tips, and Recommendations

Wearing contact lenses is a convenient and popular vision correction option, but understanding your contact lens prescription is essential for optimal eye health and clear vision. In this guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of contact lens prescriptions, offering insights, tips, and recommendations to help you navigate this essential aspect of eye care. Please read […]

20/40 vision: an image of a man holding a pair of eyeglasses in front of a Snellen chart.

Understanding 20/40 Vision: What Does It Mean for Your Eyesight?

Maintaining optimal vision and taking care of our eyes are essential aspects of overall health and well-being. In particular, having a clear understanding of different visual acuity measurements, such as 20/40 vision, can help individuals assess their eye health and make informed decisions regarding their vision care.  In this article, we will discuss in greater […]