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Proclear 1 Day

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Proclear 1 Day Reviews

Rating: 5/5
- 11 reviews

Proclear 1 Day

By: Rebecca Lane

Fair Price

I am pleased with the lenses themselves and the price but the shipping leaves a little to be improved as it takes 3 to 4 weeks the last few times I have ordered.

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Proclear 1 Day

By: Patricia Holtzman

easy to order


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Proclear 1 Day

By: Kevin

My eye sensitivity made wearing lenses impossible

I have finally found contact lenses that keep my sensitive eyes comfortable all day long! These Proclear 1 Day lenses feel as good at the end of the day as when I first put them in! I highly recommend these!

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Proclear 1 Day

By: Ayden

Proclear 1 Day contacts are my favorite

The unique make of Proclear 1 Day contacts makes them my favorite choice. I have never had eyes that felt so moisturized and clear while in contacts! Normally I need to have glasses or no contacts in to feel that great!

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Proclear 1 Day

By: Ezra

A great lens for all day wear

I tried, and loved Proclear 1 Day contacts. They fit great and I had crystal clear vision throughout the entire wear. I'm really glad I have found a contact that can keep up with me and that I don't need to take out after a couple hours!

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Proclear 1 Day

By: Leah

Proclear 1 Day lenses are all good

My doctor found the solution to my painful eyes with Proclear 1 Day contacts. They feel SO great to wear, and I no longer have the headache, irritation and gross feel from wearing contacts. I'm so glad I don't have to stick with glasses.

208 people found this review helpful.

Proclear 1 Day

By: Lilly

Convenient and comfortable

In addition to keeping my eyes hydrated and comfortable all day long, these Proclear 1 Day lenses are also incredibly convenient! I love that I can just toss and get a fresh pair every day. No cleaning required!

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Proclear 1 Day

By: Brayden

My doctor turned me to theses and I love them

My doctor recommended these Proclear 1 Day lenses for my sensitive eyes, and I love them! They keep my eyes moisturized and irritant-free from day to night! Even better, I get a fresh pair each day!

221 people found this review helpful.

Proclear 1 Day

By: Bridget

Proclear 1 Day are awesome lenses

There is only one route to go when looking for daily contacts, and that is Proclear 1 Day contact lenses. They are super easy to take in and out, and they are built to last the full day.

245 people found this review helpful.

Proclear 1 Day

By: Anna B

You can't beat the convenience of a good daily lens.

I love the convenience of these Proclear 1 day contact lenses. I can just put the proclear dailies in and then throw them away when I'm done. Its great not having to mess with solutions and lens cases. If I travel all I need to bring are my proclear dailies contacts. The Proclear one Day lenses are very comfortable too which adds to the convenience.

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Proclear 1 Day

By: Alice

I love my Proclear 1 Day contacts!

I have never worn such a comfortable daily lens as the proclear daily contacts. I wear one every day for at least 15 hours and proclear daily contact lenses stay comfortable the entire time. The proclear dailies lens stays moist so my eyes never get irritated and I never have to use eye drops. The convenience of the proclear daily lens is great, I just throw my Proclear 1 Day contacts out instead of wasting my time with disinfecting solutions.

513 people found this review helpful.

Product Information

Proclear 1 Day are daily disposable contact lenses manufactured by CooperVision. Proclear 1 Day let you enjoy high level of vision quality, comfort, and the fact that they're virtually maintenance-free. You now have a clear choice for superior vision and comfort, Proclear 1 Day. This exceptional level of comfort is made possible by PC Technology, which creates a unique material containing molecules of phosphorylcholine (PC), a substance found naturally in human cell membranes. These molecules attract and surround themselves with water, keeping Proclear 1 Day lenses moist and comfortable, even after 12 hours of wear.

Product Availability

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Material Content

40% Polymer (omafilcon A)

Water Content

60% H2O