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Focus Dailies Reviews

Rating: 4.9/5
- 9 reviews

Focus Dailies

By: Ashley Corcoran

Awesome daily wear!

Great product and great prices with a bonus of a rebate!!!

2 people found this review helpful.

Focus Dailies

By: Patricia Gimbel

Good fit

I have worn this brand for several years. Lenses fit well, clarity is consistent.

2 people found this review helpful.

Focus Dailies

By: Anonymous


Comfortable to wear, delivered in a timely matter. Price is reasonable.

26 people found this review helpful.

Focus Dailies

By: Anonymous

Great experience overall!

My contacts are way cheaper here than they would’ve been anywhere else. I had a question about my order and they were very quick to respond and my contacts also took barely any time to arrive! I will definitely continue to order from here in the future.

77 people found this review helpful.

Focus Dailies

By: Anonymous

Focus Dailys is the most comfortable lenses.

I've been a contact-wearer for 30 years. I've tried just about every lens. I was talked into the Focus Daily contacts in 2007 as I was going to be working in the 'jungles' of northern Thailand and didn't want to mess with lugging solutions. Loved the Focus Daily contact lenses. Still do. Back in the US and still wearing the Focus Daily contact lenses.

529 people found this review helpful.

Focus Dailies

By: Darlene

CIba Focus Dailies All Day Comfort

I was introduced by a new optometrist, 1 yr ago and my eyes were damaged due to my old lenses.He now sees IMPROVEMENT and it's due to the Ciba Focus dailies all day comfort. They are the most comfortable lenses EVER.I don't have tired/red eyes after a few hours with the Ciba Focus Dailies 90 pack.Everyone with contacts should be able to experience clear vision and comfort!

528 people found this review helpful.

Focus Dailies

By: Clay

Highly recommend you buy Focus Dailies 90 pack!

Focus Dailies 90 pack contact lenses are the best way to go for contacts and these are probably the best around. They feel very comfortable and I can see really well with them. The best part about the Focus Dailys is that I don't have to take care of them. I can just throw them away and use a fresh pair every day. Focus dailys are great!

532 people found this review helpful.

Focus Dailies

By: Anonymous

My 10 year old can wear the Focus daily contacts!

My ten year old recently developed myopia (-2.75) in one eye. She wouldn't wear her glasses because didn't like them. It was not acceptable to have her unable to see out of one eye. So we tried Focus Dailies contact lenses. The focus daily contacts work great! She is able to put them in and take them out by herself. The Focus daily contact lenses are very comfortable and she wears them all the time, now. The Focus daily lenses are a lifesaver!

525 people found this review helpful.

Focus Dailies

By: KP

Focus Dailies Contact Lenses - Very Good

Focus Dailies Contact Lenses are very convenient. The Focus Dailies all day comfort contacts are so thin that at times, it's difficult to know which side is convex or concave. Its worth the trouble because the Focus Dailies one day contact lenses are exrtremely comfortable.

547 people found this review helpful.

Product Information

Focus Dailies are daily disposable contact lenses manufactured by Ciba Vision. Whether you're a regular contact lens wearer, or just wear them for sports or special occasions, Focus Dailies daily disposable contact lenses offer you the perfect combination of comfort, convenience and great vision. It all starts with a one-of-a-kind lens design that lets you enjoy a more comfortable lens wearing experience. Focus Dailies contacts are also incredibly convenient. Since you're wearing a new pair of lenses every time you put them on, you don't have to deal with all the cleaning and storage hassles of conventional contact lenses. And there are no bulky, expensive solutions to buy, store or carry around.

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Material Content

31% Polymer (nelfilcon A)

Water Content

69% H2O

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