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MyDay Daily Disposable Toric

MyDay Daily Disposable Toric

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MyDay Daily Disposable Toric Reviews

Product Information


Enjoy clear vision and long-lasting comfort with MyDay® Daily Disposable Toric (90PK), tailored for lens wearers with astigmatism. Featuring Optimized Toric Lens Geometry™ and Aquaform® Technology, this lens promises stability and hydration without the need for surface coatings or added wetting agents in the lens material.

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About This Lens

MyDay Daily Disposable Toric is a daily disposable lens that corrects astigmatism — an imperfection in the eye’s curvature that causes blurry vision. A convenient and hygienic lens, MyDay Daily Disposable Toric is suitable for lens wearers with busy or active lifestyles who don’t enjoy the hassle of a lens care routine.

What sets MyDay Daily Disposable Toric apart from other contact lenses for astigmatism is Optimized Toric Lens Geometry — a unique lens design engineered for optimal visual acuity, lens stability, and fit. Its wide ballast band orients the lens for better performance, while its large toric optic zone ensures clear vision over a wide range of lens powers.

For long-lasting comfort, MyDay Daily Disposable Toric features Aquaform Technology, which helps retain moisture and delivers high levels of oxygen. MyDay Daily Disposable Toric is also made with Smart Silicone™, which means less silicone is used per lens. The result is a lens that allows up to four times more oxygen to reach the eyes than standard hydrogel daily contacts.

Additionally, MyDay Daily Disposable Toric contacts provide UV protection and are tinted for easy handling. The tint won’t change your eye color.

Additional Information

  • Manufacturer: CooperVision
  • Lenses per box: 90
  • Material: Silicone hydrogel
  • Water content: 54%

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Material Content

46% Polymer (stenfilcon A)

Water Content

54% H2O