Biofinity Contact Lenses

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Biofinity Contact Lens Rating: 9.9/10


Monthly Disposable

(13 reviews)
I've worn glasses for years and finally decided to try contacts. I had never worn contacts before and I had to try 5 different brands and was about to give up. Out of all the ones I tried Coopervision biofinity toric was the best. I can't even feel them! I love them.

Biofinity Toric

Toric Lenses

(8 reviews)
I have worn different brands over the years. These are the most comfortable I have ever worn. Even after an entire day of wear, in different conditions, it's like I am not wearing lenses. I am prescribed 'monovision' with my dominant eye and the one with greater astigmatism is for distance. The 'reading' eye, left, is also Biofinity and extrem

Biofinity Multifocal

Bifocal Lenses

(3 reviews)
I had to write a review about my Biofinity Multifocal contact lenses because they almost too good! My eyes feel great all day long, and my vision is as good as it has ever been. These contacts are the best around!