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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the AutoRefill Program and how does it work?

AutoRefill is the most convenient way to save time and money and get your contact lenses delivered to you on a regular schedule. We automatically send you the contact lens you select based on your chosen frequency (e.g., 3 months, 6 months, or yearly). The service is easy to use and customizable. Just tell us how often you want your contact lenses and we'll take care of the rest.

When you enroll in the AutoRefill Program, you have control over your AutoRefill orders. We send a reminder email to you 30 days before each order is placed. This email will specify your order's next delivery date. You can change your order frequency, next delivery date, or quantity of items in your order by visiting the "AutoRefill" section in your account. Changes to an order can be made any time up to at least 24 hours before an order's placement date and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

How do I join the AutoRefill Program?

Joining is easy. It can be done while reviewing your contact lenses in your shopping cart. To join, simply select the "AutoRefill SUBSCRIBE & SAVE" button below your contact lenses, select your preferred order frequency, and then check out as usual.

What will happen after I join the AutoRefill Program?

After your AutoRefill signup order is shipped, you'll receive an email confirming your enrollment in the AutoRefill Program. This email will include a link to access the "AutoRefill" section in your account where you can manage future orders and AutoRefill account information.

We'll place your AutoRefill orders automatically according to your selected frequency. We will send you a reminder email 30 days before each order is shipped. It will include a link to your "AutoRefill" section in your account. You will have 7 days to make any changes to your AutoRefill order, including canceling your subscription. You'll also receive an order confirmation email and a shipment confirmation email.

What types of payment are accepted for AutoRefill?

All AutoRefill orders require a credit or debit card payment. Alternative payment forms, such as PayPal and gift cards, cannot be accepted at this time.

Can I change my AutoRefill subscription?

Simply log into your account and go to the AutoRefill Center to review your subscription. From there you can do the following:

  1. Change the quantity of product to be shipped
  2. Change the shipping frequency
  3. Update your shipping address
  4. Change the Next Delivery Date
  5. Update your credit card
  6. Cancel your subscription
Will the price change on future AutoRefill orders?

Prices are subject to change. AutoRefill orders will be processed at our everyday low price effective at the time the AutoRefill order is placed, minus the AutoRefill discount. It's important to note that AutoRefill orders will not incorporate any special or discount pricing that may have been applicable to a previous order.

Is it possible to enroll in AutoRefill if my shipping address is located outside the United States and Canada?

Unfortunately, no. The AutoRefill program is only available for orders shipped within the United States and Canada.