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SofLens 59

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SofLens 59 Reviews

Rating: 4.9/5
- 7 reviews

SofLens 59

By: Bailey

SofLens 59 were my first lenses and I like them

I'd never worn contact lenses before, so I was a bit scared to try them out. I started out with SofLens 59 lenses, and now I LOVE wearing contacts! They were so easy to put in and take out that I didn't mind using them every day!

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SofLens 59

By: Lucy

Glad I tried SofLens 59

As a person newer to wearing contacts, I had had some trouble putting them in my eyes. My doctor suggested trying out SofLens 59 and the difference is amazing! I no longer flinch when putting in my contacts, and they fit easily and comfortably onto my eye.

214 people found this review helpful.

SofLens 59

By: Sara

SofLens 59 have an impressive fit for me

SofLens 59 lens are great! I am a habitual eye rubber when I wear contacts, making them move out of place, cause redness and most of all annoy me! However, when I tried out these lenses, I noticed that my eyes felt better and I wasn't rubbing- thanks!

213 people found this review helpful.

SofLens 59

By: Joseph

Really nice lenses for a first time user

This is my first time trying disposable lenses. These SofLens 59 contacts are easy to insert and remove and keep my eyes feeling refreshed and comfortable all day long!

244 people found this review helpful.

SofLens 59

By: Nicole

I love the SofLens 59 lenses

My SofLens 59 contacts last 1-2 weeks and are easy to use. I love the convenience and comfort of these SofLens 59 contact lenses!

243 people found this review helpful.

SofLens 59

By: Patrick

They're comfortable and long-lasting. Excellent!

The Bausch & Lomb Soflens 59 contacts gives me great eyesight and it is very comfortable. The lens is very easy to maintain and it always last the whole 2 weeks comfortable. I guess that's why the Soflens 59 contact lenses have been around so long, they just seem to have everything you could ask for.

511 people found this review helpful.

SofLens 59

By: Fatima

Soflens 59- I have been a satisfied customer for years

The bausch and lomb Soflens 59 lenses have been my favorite lenses for years. They feel great and I get excellent eyesight with them. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get them anymore and would have to find a new brand. Luckily, contacts america still carries the Soflens 59 contacts and at a good price. So, I don't have to worry about adjusting to a new lens.

511 people found this review helpful.

Product Information

SofLens 59 are disposable contact lenses manufactured by Bausch & Lomb. SofLens 59 contact lenses deliver clear vision with the everyday comfort you have been looking for. Patented Hilafilcon polymer offers the comfort of 59% water. SofLens59 lenses are made from a protein-resistant material that combines peerless performance, exceptional comfort, and optimal visual acuity, giving you comfortable daily wear on a monthly replacement basis.

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Bausch & Lomb

Material Content

41% Polymer (hilafilcon B)

Water Content

59% H2O