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Optima FW (SofLens 38) Optima FW (SofLens 38) Rx

Optima FW (SofLens 38)

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Optima FW (SofLens 38) Reviews

Rating: 5/5
- 13 reviews

Optima FW (SofLens 38)

By: Laila

Comfortable and long-lasting lenses

My doctor recommended that I try these Optima FW lenses for my hyperopia and myopia, and I am glad I listened! I have never used lenses that were as comfortable and long-lasting as these Optima FW lenses!

197 people found this review helpful.

Optima FW (SofLens 38)

By: Samantha

so far so good with my Optima FW

I purchased these Optima FW contacts a few weeks ago and have had no issues with them! They are very durable, and are perfect for extended wear. I highly recommend them.

229 people found this review helpful.

Optima FW (SofLens 38)

By: Samuel

Optima FW corrected my vision very well

These Optima FW contacts work perfectly to correct my hyperopia and myopia! These contacts are more comfortable than lenses I have used in the past. I am so glad I tried them!

237 people found this review helpful.

Optima FW (SofLens 38)

By: Adeline

I love Optima FW

This was my first time trying the Optima FW 1-2 week disposable lenses, and I love them! The long-lasting comfort and convenience of these lenses is like no other. I will be purchasing again when I run out!

221 people found this review helpful.

Optima FW (SofLens 38)

By: Patrick

Definitely impressed with my Optima FW

These Optima FW contact lenses lived up to their description! They are easy-to-use and provided the extended wear comfort that I look for in a contact lens.

241 people found this review helpful.

Optima FW (SofLens 38)

By: Jeremy

Everyone should try these contacts

If you suffer from hyperopia and myopia you should definitely try these Optima FW contact lenses

245 people found this review helpful.

Optima FW (SofLens 38)

By: Isaac

With Optima FW lenses my eyes are all good

After trying these Optima FW contact lenses, I will never try another contact lens! They keep my vision clear for an extended period of time and do not irritate my eyes.

245 people found this review helpful.

Optima FW (SofLens 38)

By: Christopher

My Eyes feel better than ever

Optima FW contact lenses were great at fixing my myopia! The lightweight and flexible lenses fit nicely into my eye, and even felt like I wasn't wearing contacts. I had a nice comfortable feel all day, and didn't have dry or red eyes by the evening!

245 people found this review helpful.

Optima FW (SofLens 38)

By: Kelly

Optima FW contacts fixed my chronic dry-eye

I tend to have chronic dry-eye and so avoid contacts because they make them more irritated. I tried out Optima FW contacts, and for once I was able to wear a pair the entire day! I didn't have that dried out feeling, and the thinness of the lenses made it feel like I wasn't wearing any at all.

245 people found this review helpful.

Optima FW (SofLens 38)

By: Jennifer

Optima FW give you all day moisture

Its amazing that Optima FW contact lenses could be so thin, yet work as a super effective lens. They manage to be durable, and will keep your eyes moist all day.

245 people found this review helpful.

Optima FW (SofLens 38)

By: Troy

So much better than other lenses I have tried

Optima FW contacts have been around for a while, but I just decided to pick them up recently. I really wish I had done it sooner, because these things are the real deal! So much better than pretty much everything I have ever tried.

245 people found this review helpful.

Optima FW (SofLens 38)

By: Darren

Dependable and high quality lenses

I have been wearing the Optima FW weekly disposable contact lenses for the past 3 years and they are very reliable. They always feel comfortable and my vision is great with them on. They are also all very tough and don't get ripped or torn.

516 people found this review helpful.

Optima FW (SofLens 38)

By: Justine

Great for first-time contact wearers!

I never wanted to try contacts because I thought they would be difficult to use and uncomfortable. My eye doctor recommended I try these lenses and they are awesome. They don't feel thick or bulky, and they stay feeling comfortable all day. I would definitely recommend these for any first-time users of contact lenses.

518 people found this review helpful.

Product Information

Optima FW (SofLens 38) is a bi-weekly contact lens equipped with high-performance components for all-day comfort.

Save time and money when you order discounted Optima FW (SofLens 38) contacts today from Contacts America!

About This Lens

Optima FW (SofLens 38) contacts are 1-2 week lenses that can be worn daily for up to 14 days or continuously for up to seven days before replacing with a fresh pair. 

This wearing schedule makes Optima FW (SofLens 38) contacts ideal for those who need the flexibility to see clearly at any time. Before wearing your contacts overnight, check with your eye care professional. 

For a healthy lens-wearing experience, Optima FW (SofLens 38) contacts are made of a highly breathable material that guarantees your eyes receive the oxygen they need to stay healthy.

Additionally, Optima FW (SofLens 38) contacts are tinted for easier insertion and removal.

Additional Information

  • Manufacturer: Bausch & Lomb
  • Lenses per box: 6
  • Material: Hydrogel
  • Water content: 38%
  • Availability: In stock

Product Availability

In stock - Orders normally ship same day if ordered by 2 PM CST

Price Comparison

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$31.99 $44.00 $12.01


Bausch & Lomb

Material Content

62% Polymer (polymacon)

Water Content

38% H2O

Optima FW (SofLens 38) FAQs

I have sensitive eyes. Can I wear Optima FW without irritation?
Optima FW contacts are made from polymacon that is resistant to irritation and deposit buildup.