Why Do I Need A Valid Prescription to Buy Contacts in the US?

Many customers shopping for contact lenses online often wonder why they’re required to present a valid prescription before completing their purchase, especially in the United States. While it might seem like an unnecessary step, especially for those who feel confident they know their needs, this requirement is grounded in protecting one of your most valuable assets: your eyesight. In this post, we’ll delve into the reasons why a valid prescription is non-negotiable when buying contact lenses in the U.S. and why this mandate is a crucial one for your overall eye health.

Legal Requirements:

The requirement for a prescription is more than just a company policy; it’s the law. The Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act (FCLCA), enacted by Congress in 2003, requires that contact lens retailers only sell lenses to individuals with a valid prescription. This law ensures that consumers receive the right medical device suited for their needs and that they’re used under the guidance of a qualified eye care professional.

Eye Health Safety:

Every person’s eyes are unique, including their shape, size, and vision correction needs. An eye exam doesn’t just determine your lens prescription; it also involves checking the health of your eyes and assessing whether you’re a suitable candidate for contact lenses. Using contacts that don’t fit properly or meet your specific vision requirements can lead to serious issues, such as corneal ulcers, eye infections, or even vision loss.

Prescription Accuracy:

Your vision can change subtly over time, often without noticeable symptoms. Regular eye exams ensure that you’re always receiving the most accurate and up-to-date prescription for your vision needs. Wearing outdated prescriptions can strain your eyes or fail to correct your vision adequately, affecting your daily life from driving to using digital devices, or any number of routine tasks.

Professional Oversight:

Eye professionals do more than prescribe lenses. They provide guidance on proper lens care, wearing schedules, and hygiene practices to keep your eyes healthy. For instance, sleeping in lenses not designed for overnight wear can severely deprive your corneas of oxygen, leading to complications. Such professional advice is crucial to prevent misuse and its associated risks.

Product Guarantees:

By insisting on a valid prescription, retailers are also ensuring that the products they sell are being used correctly and as intended. This is essential not only for customer safety but also for maintaining product guarantees and the integrity of the brands sold. It helps reduce the risk of product misuse, customer dissatisfaction, and potential legal issues.


Requiring a valid prescription for purchasing contact lenses online in the U.S. is a practice grounded in legal adherence and a commitment to the health and safety of consumers. This process guarantees that your lenses are tailored to your current vision needs and that your eye health is regularly monitored by professionals. So, the next time you’re prompted to provide a valid prescription on our website, remember that this step is a crucial one in safeguarding your vision and overall ocular health. Our online store is dedicated to upholding these standards, ensuring you receive the best possible care and products suited to your individual needs.