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1-Day Acuvue

1-Day Acuvue

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1-Day Acuvue has been discontinued by Johnson & Johnson

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1-Day Acuvue Reviews

Rating: 5/5
- 4 reviews

1-Day Acuvue

By: Hailey

I definitely like my disposable lenses better

My doctor switched me to 1-Day Acuvue contacts when I kept forgetting about cleaning, bringing solutions and keeping up with my contacts. I'm so glad he did because these are so much easier to use! Now I don't have to worry about eye problems if I forget to clean a pair.

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1-Day Acuvue

By: Christine

Acuvue one day

I have been wearing acuvue daily disposable contacts for about 15 years! I love them. I recently switched to daily moists at my Dr.'s encouragement and have switched back to the regular daily disposables! I guess after 15 years, my eyes didn't want a change! I highly reccommend the acuvue daily disposables...the convenience alone is worth the price!

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1-Day Acuvue

By: Jarod

Daily Acuvue rock!

One day Acuvue contact lenses are awesome! I used to wear monthly contact lenses and I got eyes infections very frequently. That changed when I started wearing one day Acuvue daily disposable contact lenses. Now I can even wear contact lenses during my allergy season (spring) before I always had to wear glasses for a few months, because the allergens used to get stock to my other lenses. I love my 1 day Acuvue.

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1-Day Acuvue

By: Acuvue is awesome

I won the lotto with these lenses

Before 1 Day Acuvue contact lenses, I never won anything.

The day after I started, I won $20 on the lotto. Go figure. I wish I wore them sooner.

Jeff the Lotto Winner

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Product Information

1-Day Acuvue are daily disposable contact lenses by Johnson & Johnson (Vistakon). You simply wear them for a day, then throw them away! There's no lens care and no messy solutions. With 1-Day Acuvue Contact Lenses you can enjoy the benefits of fresh, clean lenses every day. And 1-Day Acuvue Contact Lenses are daily disposable contact lenses that provide you with the added protection of UV-Blocking.

1- Day Acuvue lenses are tinted for ease of handling and will not change the color of your eye. The tint is simply designed to facilitate locating the contact lenses in solution. They also contain an inside-out "123" indicator to help ensure proper application/insertion.

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Johnson & Johnson

Material Content

42% Polymer (etafilcon A)

Water Content

58% H2O

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