Are my lenses automatically reordered?


Contacts America offers two Reorder options, both controllable through the Reorder page of Your Account.

  • Default – When it is time for you to refill your prescription we will send you an email warning. Then all you need to do is return to Contacts America and log in to your Account. From there you can easily Reorder by following the prompts.
  • Auto Reorder – You can choose to have your orders automatically reordered if you wish. With this option we do not send you an email reminder; instead we will simply process a reorder identical to your original order.

To edit these setting, or to change your reminder email dates, you need to:

  • Click the Reorder link at the tope of the page or in the My Accounts page
  • Look through your Order history
  • To Edit something click ‘CHANGE’ beneath the Lens Name
  • Edit the Information
  • Click 'CONTINUE'

If you have any further problems/questions please contact our Customer Service Department for additional assistance and information.

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