What is the reminder email, and how do I edit it?

The Reminder email is a service Contacts America provides to all of its customers. Our system keeps track of the lenses and quantities that you order, when our records show that your prescription is running low we send you an email to remind you of this fact. Since everyone wears their lenses differently, you can change the date that this email is sent in order to best serve your own wearing schedule.

In order to edit / alter this date:

  1. Visit the My Account Login Page
    • Log in to your Account
    • Click on the Reorder Reminders link
    • Review the List - looking for the prescription you are interested in
    • Click on the 'Change' link beneath the lens name you want to edit
    • Edit the date
    • And click "Continue"
  2. For additional problems, contact our Customer Service Department

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