What is a Referral Program?

Contacts America offers you a reward for every friend or colleague that you refer to our site. In return for telling them about the advantages in ordering from Contacts America you will receive a 5% commission on all their purchases. This money will then be automatically offered as a discount off your next purchase at Contacts America.

And referring someone is EASY!

  • Just enter their email address in our 'Refer a Friend' form and we will send them an email. We will reference your name when we contact them.
  • OR... Have them sign up for a Contacts America Account and enter your email as their referrer.

Getting Started:

  • Step 1 Read the Referral Operating Agreement
  • Step 2 Share this site with a friend (or many friends)
  • Step 3 Monitor your commissions by reviewing your Referral Statistics
  • Step 4 Receive a discount off your next purchase

If you have any further problems/questions please contact our Customer Service Department for additional assistance and information.

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