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Frequency contact lenses

Frequency Contact Lens Reviews

Rating: 9.6/10 - 22 reviews

Frequency 55

Monthly Disposable

(4 reviews)
Many family members of mine wear Frequency 55 contact lenses, and they recently convinced me to start wearing them. So far I really like the overall quality, and how my eyes never seem to get dry.

Frequency 55 Aspheric

Monthly Disposable

(5 reviews)
For once in my life I am able to say that a contact lens actually fits my eyes perfectly! Frequency 55 Aspheric contact lenses are such a great fit, and they keep my eyes feeling great all day long.

Frequency 55 Toric

Toric Lenses

(7 reviews)
My dad has been wearing Frequency 55 Toric contact lenses for a while now, and he raves about them. So when I first needed contacts, I turned to these and have loved how they feel.

Frequency 55 Toric XR

Toric Lenses

(3 reviews)
I have to say I have a bad astigmatism but these Frequency 55 Toric XR contacts are so easy to put in and they are so comfrotable i do not even realize I have them in.

Encore Premium (Frequency 55 Aspheric)

Monthly Disposable

(3 reviews)
I have worn SureVue & Focus Night/Day and these are the best i have found. They are thick enough to handle easily, thin enough not to feel them, and tinted to be able to see them easily in the solution. They have crystal clear clarity. Have been wearing them 6yrs and will continue to do so!

Rated 9.6 stars from 22 customer reviews at Contacts America